Well, I am pleased to announce I will be somewhat adopting a brother rattery. Myself and Valley View Rodentry Located in Canda, will be working on a project together. This project will be a Variegated Project. One in which I will have a small amount of breeders here and will work on the line to try and improve it. Ryan(VVR) will be traveling down here from time to time to possibly show the animals. When we feel the time is right, He will then pay to have the entire project shipped to him. But until then I will have some very cute babies that will be needing homes. I am still in search for a few good variegateds. So if anyone has any send them my way =]
MaryBeth (Windy Hill)
6/14/2010 06:58:45 am

Good luck with the Variegated Project! That sounds like so much fun :)

9/3/2012 03:52:04 pm

will come back soon


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