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I have new rats! Cute new rats! EXCITING new rats!

I am starting 2 new lines. One line is my Dalmatian/patched/odd eye line consisting of one dalmatian/mismarked mink dumbo doe, one beige patched dumbo doe, one odd eye white dumbo buck and one mink variegated dumbo buck. I hope to produce very cute marked dumbo rats out of this line! =]

My second new line is MERLE!!! I am getting in 2 merle female rats. I do not have MUCH info on them yet. I will not be getting them in for a little while but am still very excited about them! I hope to learn more about the merle rat and its genetics.
4/24/2012 12:05:00

THX for info

7/14/2012 10:45:20

will be restored shortly

9/24/2012 07:27:04

Nice one info, thanks


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