So I have some new and exciting thoughts and plans. In the past, I hav enot liked dwarfs much at all because I believed they ruined the type of the standard rats, wich I still believe. But yesterday I made a visit t Janelle at Ratterfly Rattery and met her dwarf colony and OH MY GOODNESS they are SOOOO cute! So I think you will be seeing dwarf somewhere down the road in both my lines but I dont think I will be crossing any of my standard sized rats with my dwarf rats just due to the fact that I like to keep my standard rats large. But I though I would share that with all my cllients. I also hope to add rex and satin coats to my lines. This will all take some time though since I do not wish to have more than 10 rats at a time.

The next litter that will be housed at my rattery will be a litter that I will be fostering for Larry and Georgette Zinter. They have two LOVELY burmese dumbo rats that they are breeding and I am excited to have the pleasure of housing the litter until it is adopted out. So keep your eyes open for those babies. I will have a litter page up for them.

Also, I have 2 females left from my current litter if anyone is interested! They are super cute and super sweet!

On th emouse front, I have some babies born that should be anogra so keep your eyres open for that! I also mave my merle doe that is prego so I am crossing my fingers! =

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