Ok so the OFFICIAL word is that I am NOT closed. I just have to take things quite a bit slower and work on a smaller scale for the time being. I will be taking things one litter at a time as far as the rats go. I will not have any more than one litter at a time. I will probably space out the litters as well. I want to apologize for the "closing scare". I will however have to stay small. I do not want any more than 8 residents ever at one time. I will probably stick to less than that. I will be focusing on merle but will also have my blue line and maybe burmese. I am supposed to be getting one of my burmese does back because she did not work out in her new home so she may stay here and be bred eventually. That would bring my count up to 5. Then I will be keeping one female from essences litter. That will make it 6. I think I will stay there for a while and see how my financial situation goes. But once again, I am NOT closed, just taking it slower. I know a few of my rattery friends have me on the closed list but you can take me off that. I may not always have babies but I will have some every once in a while. =]

As far as mice go, I still have a lot of them but once the shipment to KAW mousery in New Jersey goes through, I will be scaling WAY down on them too. Eventually will be working with only angora and satin coats. I have not decided what colors or markings will be staying but I think I will be working with self, merle, hereford, banded and broken in RY, blue, dove, agouti, black and BEW. Possibly some other colors as well. We will see.
I have one litter of rats coming soon! AMOR Essence and SHFR Phil will be having their litter late December or early January. Contact me to be n the wait list for one
Yes, unfortunately I am no longer going to be able to run the rattery. The bad economy has taken a BIG tole on my family and created an unemployment situation that makes it impossible for me to financially run this business anymore. This was not an easy decision but there is no way around it. I will go back into breeding when the time is right. I will be keeping a few mice and rats but the rest must go. =[
I have new rats! Cute new rats! EXCITING new rats!

I am starting 2 new lines. One line is my Dalmatian/patched/odd eye line consisting of one dalmatian/mismarked mink dumbo doe, one beige patched dumbo doe, one odd eye white dumbo buck and one mink variegated dumbo buck. I hope to produce very cute marked dumbo rats out of this line! =]

My second new line is MERLE!!! I am getting in 2 merle female rats. I do not have MUCH info on them yet. I will not be getting them in for a little while but am still very excited about them! I hope to learn more about the merle rat and its genetics.

* 05.13.09 TABOO X OCEAN Litter Born
* 05.28.09 CHEVY X DOT Litter Born
* 05.29.09 TABOO X HOPE Litter Born
NAVY Badger paired to Faith of FFCR
* Cody of FFCR paired to Cherish of FFCR


* 04.06.09 CHEVY X DOLLY Litter Born
* 04.10.09 CHEVY X COCO Litter Born

* RFCR Taboo paired to Hope of FFCR
* RFCR Taboo paired to NAVY Ocean
* Chevy of FFCR paired to Dot of FFCR