I have two brand new rattie litters! Born on the same day! Congrats to molly and bella! Check nursery for more info. Contact me to be added to the wait list. 
I have decided to discontinue my variegated line because I think my time, energy and space will be better spent on my merle and siamese line. I have big plans for both of those lines and having the extra room for them would be in my benefit. Axle, my buck for that line, is a great rat and will be a great asset to his new family at Bello Ratto rattery. The other female is up for adoption. If someone would like to adopt her and ellie I will adopt them out for $5 for the pair. =
Holly had her babies on June 28th!! I see a ton of little peepers in there. I think 8 so far but it looks like more coming. Should be a big BEAUTIFUL litter. Waiting list is open. =]
Ellie FINALLY had her babies! We have 8 little squirmers! Looks like 4 females and 4 males but I will not be able to tell for sure until later. Mom is doing a pretty good job with the kids. All of them have a nice white mild band. I cant wait to see the colors unfold! =]
Well, I am pleased to announce I will be somewhat adopting a brother rattery. Myself and Valley View Rodentry Located in Canda, will be working on a project together. This project will be a Variegated Project. One in which I will have a small amount of breeders here and will work on the line to try and improve it. Ryan(VVR) will be traveling down here from time to time to possibly show the animals. When we feel the time is right, He will then pay to have the entire project shipped to him. But until then I will have some very cute babies that will be needing homes. I am still in search for a few good variegateds. So if anyone has any send them my way =]
I currently have one rat litter and two mouse litters! The rat litter consists of burmese, siamese and blue point siamese. One of my mouse litters should have merle, RY merle if im lucky! the other should be all angora! All babies are doing beautifully!
A very sad day here at FFCR. Ellie lost all her babies. =[ It was not a genetic issue, I believe it was a maturity issues on ellies part. =[ Mor einfo on her litter page.
Ok so about the rats first. I now have my foster girl from Sacred Circle Rattery(larry and Georgette) and she is so beautiful. I believe she is prego, its just hard to tell yet. I think she is not that far along. Also, I just paired my merle buck(Daygo) with my mink dumbo doe(Ellie). I am expecting mink and pearl with a possibility of other colors and a high possiblity of merle =] so I will kep everyone updated. =]

About the mice... I have some nice things happening with my mice! I have a healthy strain of angora mice going. The colors I have in angora are BLUE(my fav), GOLD(another fav), RY, Dove(AFRMA standard dove), agouti, and black in self and broken markings. I intend on adding angora to all my colors and markings of mice. As well as the coat type, I found a doe that has verynice type that a friend of mine is using to breed. I hope to get one of her babies to try and start improving the type of my mice. I now have some show quality markings, colors and coat types. I just need to add better show type since my mice are very pet typed. PS: If anyone knows of any show mouse breeders that have a few with nice type, send them my way!
      I also have a few satin breeders going although most of my satin are now going to be satin angora. I would still like to kee some regular satin mice going since I believe the coat is beautiful. I intend to put the satin in most colors and markings I have.
      I am getting a good amount of variegated mice and I intend to rehome all those that are not perfect show markings since I am popping up with many show marked variegated. My favorite so far is the agouti variegated. They are so pretty!
      Another line of mice that seems to be going well is my merle and roan. Which in this case, seem to be related genetically which I did not believe was possible. But I think I had a roan throw a merle. Anyways, I am getting some black roan for sure, possibly a merle doe in there. I think an agoouti doe is looking like she is roaning out as well.
      My tan and fox mice are coming along as well which I am happy to announce. I was only tan though so we will see what we get. I have a few black babies that seem to have a distinct line between their lack and their complete light colored belly. We will see how they turn out.

Anyways, That was my spiel about the rodents. =] Hope you enjoyed =]

So I have some new and exciting thoughts and plans. In the past, I hav enot liked dwarfs much at all because I believed they ruined the type of the standard rats, wich I still believe. But yesterday I made a visit t Janelle at Ratterfly Rattery and met her dwarf colony and OH MY GOODNESS they are SOOOO cute! So I think you will be seeing dwarf somewhere down the road in both my lines but I dont think I will be crossing any of my standard sized rats with my dwarf rats just due to the fact that I like to keep my standard rats large. But I though I would share that with all my cllients. I also hope to add rex and satin coats to my lines. This will all take some time though since I do not wish to have more than 10 rats at a time.

The next litter that will be housed at my rattery will be a litter that I will be fostering for Larry and Georgette Zinter. They have two LOVELY burmese dumbo rats that they are breeding and I am excited to have the pleasure of housing the litter until it is adopted out. So keep your eyes open for those babies. I will have a litter page up for them.

Also, I have 2 females left from my current litter if anyone is interested! They are super cute and super sweet!

On th emouse front, I have some babies born that should be anogra so keep your eyres open for that! I also mave my merle doe that is prego so I am crossing my fingers! =

My current rat litter is doing well! They are weaned and almost ready to go to new homes! I have 4 females still needing homes! Email me if you are interested!

I will most likely be fostering a Burmese dumbo litter very soon so if you are interested in babies form that litter they should be amazingly beautiful with an impressive pedigree. Adoption fees will be up to their owner but if you are interested in them I will have a litter page up for that litter. Approved Breeder and pet homes welcomed. =]